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We believe OC Ministries has been led by the Spirit since its founding in 1989, and we look forward to seeing what is in store for the next thirty years. As has happened before, we are sure lives will be transformed. Generations will be helped in our schools, churches, clinics, agricultural programs, sewing ministries, and through our wells and student scholarships. People will understand their own cultures better after being immersed in another. Women and men will receive a call to service. We will be reinvigorated to heal a broken world at home and abroad.


Our Endowment Fund helps us in several ways. We are able to bridge the gap as annual operating funds naturally ebb and flow, so no programs have to be cut. We are able to fund new programs as opportunities arise. We are able to respond better to emergencies. And we are better able to cultivate long-term sustainability. 


OC Ministries has influenced and shaped individuals of every age. 


Angela (Caron) Sims writes: “OC Ministries forever changed my life and how I see the world. I went on a work team 22 years ago when I was 18. I returned to the U.S. with an opened mind and changed heart.  I still carry a piece of Africa with me every day.”


Lloyd Imker, an 87-year-old participant at the time, wrote: “These mission trips have taught me that it is good to do for people what would never happen for them unless you, or someone like you, would do it.”


Co-founder Kathy Horn says: “I cannot begin to express how blessed and grateful I feel to be a part of OC Ministries.  This program has been a major way God has spoken to my heart and taught me to trust God and step out in faith.” 


Our Endowment Fund is invested in the Minnesota United Methodist Foundation, which has a strong history of socially responsible investing and access to services and nationally recognized investment managers who rank among the best in the industry.


For more information on the foundation, contact Sheri Meister, Executive Director: or 612-230-3338.

For more information on the foundation,

please contact Sheri Meister, Executive Director:


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