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Annual Teacher Training: Williamson and Thoitte, Haiti

Teachers in Williamson and Thoitte, Haiti attend an annual teacher training funded by OC Ministries. Operation Curriculum

How it Started

The Haiti teacher training was inspired through community meetings held in 2012 addressing the needs of a small, rural community named Williamson located 40 miles north of Port-au-Prince. A costal community named Thoitte was added two years later. Local educators assess the needs, plan and lead the trainings. Often, small teams of American teachers will join and provide requested training expertise.

Project Updates

Haiti has been suffering political and economic unrest since July 2018. A team of four attempted to participate in a training but unfortunately were stuck in the capitol city of Port-au-Prince due to road blocks and never made it to Williamson. The trainings in Williamson and Thoitte did happen later in August but attendance was low due to continued unrest.

Next Steps and Vision for the Future

The OC Ministries vision for the future is to help sponsor and coordinate ongoing professional development for teachers in all of our partner countries. Supporting and developing teachers adds value to our schools and student achievement.

What Can You Do to Help?

These teacher trainings are a great example of partnership and collaboration. Your donation goes directly to Haitian educators who are assessing the needs of their schools and teachers to plan for ongoing professional development. Due to inflation our costs to host annual trainings has increased from $1000 to almost $1700 so your donation is needed now more than ever.

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