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Do you like what we do? Do you want to be a part of our mission? Here's how!


Since July of 2018, hundreds of students in Baiwalla, Sierra Leone have been able to attend school regularly, thanks to donors who contributed to student sponsorship 

Provide a Student Scholarship through Operation Connection

Learn what you can do to help give children access to the education they need

When you choose to sponsor a student, your contribution covers school fees, uniforms, shoes, books, and necessary curriculum materials for an entire school year. Your student is guaranteed at least one meal through the school feeding program, and part of your contribution also supports the employment of school teachers and custodial staff. 

Currently, OC Ministries is supporting higher education in Northern Sierra Leone and elementary/ high school students in the village of Baiwalla, Sierra Leone. 


After four years of ongoing construction, a secondary school will be opening for the coming 2019 school year in Baiwalla. The school will offer needed access to education to 600+ students in the community as well as children commuting from surrounding villages. However, many families are in need of financial assistance to ensure that their children can continue to attend school.


$150 will support one student for an entire school year.

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