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Experience the power of genuine partnership!

Journey with us to experience the power of genuine partnership and learn more about our ongoing projects! You will be involved in hands-on volunteer work & have the opportunity to learn about the history, culture, and traditions of the community you visit.

A mission trip is a transformative learning experience and unique opportunity for one to also build relationships. We have individuals of all ages and walks of life become involved in OC Ministries through mission trips. Upon their return, trip participants often maintain contact and get together at fundraising events and casual potluck dinners. 

Mission Trip Details

Most trips are about two weeks long.  A Jamaican trip costs around $1,500. Trips to Liberia and Sierra Leone cost around $3,500. This covers air travel, in-country expenses, and insurance. Financial aid is available; partial scholarships through the MN Annual Conference can be provided to help off-set these expenses.


Housing, food, transportation, and work assignments are arranged through each local village. Each team has an experienced leader and a nurse. Medical teams generally have one doctor, two nurses, and several other members.

Take a look below for upcoming trip dates for the coming year!

February 7th – 15th

(Brown Town, Jericho Vision)

February 15th – 22nd

(Brown Town, Jericho Vision)

February 25th – March 5th

(Brown Town, Classroom Construction)

March 7th – 14th

(Brown Town, Miscellaneous Construction with University of Minnesota students)

July 21st – 30th

(Brown Town, Light Construction and Repair of Churches, Schools, and Clinics)



Trips to Haiti typically happen in the summer months. However, due to continued political unrest, unpredictability and violence we do not have a trip scheduled for summer 2019.



Typically, trips to Baiwalla, Sierra Leone occur in the Spring around March.

Stay posted for upcoming 2020 dates!



Similar to Sierra Leone trips, any trips to Liberia often are scheduled for Spring, when the weather is ideal.

Stay posted for upcoming 2020 dates!


To-Do & Packing List!

  • First aid kit (OC Ministries will have extras available)

  • Personal medications

    • Antacid/ Anti-diarrheal

    • Motion sickness relief

    • Prescription medications

    • Pain/ fever medications

  • Clothing that covers most skin (more for insect and sun safety than local norms)

  • Sunscreen that will not work against insect repellent

  • Alcohol based hand sanitizer

  • Sleeping bag (may not be necessary, depending on season, but we recommend a light blanket or sheet)

  • Work boots and/or sandals (ex: keens, tevas, chocos)

  • Flashlight

  • Outlet adapter as needed to charge electronics

  • Personal snacks

  • Visa: Wait for instructions from your trip leader!

  • Cash: $100 bills (USD): ATMs are available, but limited and unreliable; credit cards and debit cards will be of little use

  • Vaccines & Immunizations: Refer to the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention for the most current information about infectious disease prevalence. Your trip leader will clarify necessary vaccines with you​ before your trip

  • Travel insurance that includes evacuation

  • Insect repellent spray for clothes, mosquito net; long lasting lotion for exposed skin

  • Oral re-hydration salts

  • Peace of mind! If you have any questions or concerns along the way, we are here to answer them

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