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Partner With Us

By joining hands with OC Ministries, you're making a direct impact on the lives of children in developing nations. Your partnership fulfills their practical needs and provides vital resources, ensuring they have access to food, education, and a nurturing environment to thrive. Together, let's make a lasting difference in the lives of these children. Join us in spreading hope and transforming futures today. Working with OC Ministries is life-changing.  It isn’t about money—it’s about people. You really don’t know your own culture until you go somewhere and learn about another one.

Where Does My Giving Go?

To the needs of the children

Your generous donations assist in funding the education of children for an entire year, including

  • School fees, uniforms, shoes, books, and curriculum.

  • Annual employment of teachers and staff

  • Maintenance of the school infrastructure itself and development of specialized teaching laboratories such as computer lab, home economics lab, and science lab.



OC Ministries is dedicated to building sustainable infrastructure within communities by establishing essential facilities and services. Through the construction of churches and classrooms, we provide spaces for spiritual growth and education, empowering individuals to pursue knowledge and faith. Additionally, our efforts in providing access to clean water ensure the health and well-being of communities, reducing waterborne diseases and promoting hygiene. Moreover, we focus on developing economic systems by supporting local agriculture and vocational training programs, fostering self-sufficiency and economic stability. By investing in these foundational aspects, OC Ministries aims to uplift communities and create lasting positive change.

Our growing mission

We believe OC Ministries has been guided by the Spirit since its inception in 1989, and we anticipate the next thirty years with great anticipation. Just as in the past, we are confident that lives will be changed for the better. Our impact will extend across generations through our schools, churches, clinics, agricultural initiatives, sewing ministries, wells, and student scholarships. Our work fosters cross-cultural understanding and prompts individuals to answer the call to serve. As we continue to address the needs of a broken world, both locally and globally, we remain committed to our mission.

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