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New Building for Dormitory in the Township of Gipo, Liberia

Operation Classroom –

Right before the Ebola epidemic, a team began building a vocational school. The community finished it and has found the need for a space for students who might live several hours from the school to have a place to stay.

The vocational school was needed to provide a way for students to earn a living after finishing elementary school. The communities served are extremely poor and remote and there are no opportunities for jobs or income. Land was donated by several families and they asked for help in building a place to learn.

Area near Gipo's vocational school

"My education helps me to live. It allows me to be a productive person with dignity and independence..."

Community Impact

A student at the school finished his classwork, became very ill and now must use a rudimentary wheelchair. He supports his mother, himself and a child. With his agricultural training from the school, he has been able to plant his own land with wide enough spaces to get his wheelchair through and farms a large piece of land, eating some of the produce and selling the excess. He spoke with tears in his eyes as he told us that his education enabled him to live and be a productive person, with dignity and independence.

Gipo vocational school

Latest Update

The last team was there to begin the building but Ebola and funding stopped our visits to help. There is a team going in March 2019 to begin a dormitory. The students at the school are preparing the land in anticipation of the team.

How Can You Help?

Donations are needed to help with building materials for the dormitory so students can stay there and complete their educations. Scholarships are needed to help ensure teachers are paid. Funds are always needed for teaching supplies. Your skills in teaching would be welcomed – electricity, woodworking, agriculture, cake decorating, sewing and knitting volunteers for short terms would bring new knowledge to the students.

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