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New UMC Maternity Clinic in Yonibana, Sierra Leone

A new United Methodist Maternity Clinic is being established in Yonibana, Sierra Leone by OC Ministries (and others), but it’s not the first time we’ve been there. Seeds were planted nearly thirty years ago.  

Photo courtesy of Africa Uplifted

Three work teams from Minnesota helped local laborers build a three-classroom Primary School building (named Minnesota Hall), under the leadership of Reverend Ed Kamara. Teachers and students from the surrounding area still use it. His wife, Aminata, worked at a small clinic in the village.  When the family moved to another town, the clinic unfortunately fell into disrepair.  

Fifteen years later, Aminata began working in Manonkoh with Africa Uplifted, co-founded by former OCM board members Julie and Lance Burma, developing the Doris Action Maternity Clinic, a highly successful endeavor that also led to a new school, well, feeding program, and church in the community, among other ministries (

Now, Africa Uplifted, OCM, and the Board of Global Health of The United Methodist Church. have partnered again back in Yonibana. Global health has renovated the clinic, we have renovated the nursing staff housing, and Africa Uplifted will be staffing the clinic. 

Africa Uplifted has already sent several teams there to work, just as they do in Manonkoh and other villages. Patients are treated for a variety of ailments including malaria, colds, flu, infections and more. Those who need advanced treatment are referred to a local hospital.   

We are overjoyed to be a small part of a new effort in Yonibana, and to know indeed: what goes around comes around, and that sometimes you reap what you sow.

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