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Jericho Vision Clinic

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Operation Clear Vision –

Each year OC Ministries provides around 5,000 pairs of glasses for those in need in north central Jamaica through a partnership with Lions International and Wesley Methodist Church in Browns Town, Jamaica. The Jericho Ministry Vision Clinic is a five-day clinic, held annually in Brown’s Town, Jamaica. Each February, a team of volunteers from MN (including an optometrist) works alongside volunteers to distribute prescription glasses.

Our Mission

To share the love of Jesus Christ, and to distribute free-of-charge as many prescription and reading glasses as possible. 

How We Got Started

In 2009,  two Methodists from Akeley, MN. responded to God’s call by initiating a vision clinic in Jamaica – partnering with the Wesley Methodist Church in Brown’s Town.  Equipped with an auto-refractor (a machine which tests eyes), refurbished prescription glasses, readers and sunglasses, the mission got underway. The word spread across Jamaica, and for the last ten years, approximately 1,500 people’s eyes are tested and approx.. 4,000 pair of glasses are distributed free-of-charge each year.

Latest Updates & Our Vision for the Future

Currently, with a standing inventory of 5,000 pair of prescription on hand, thousands of magnifying reading glasses, and sunglasses, a team of 5 Minnesotans fly to Jamaica every February. We meet our brothers and sisters from the Wesley Methodist Church in Brown’s Town, and open the church hall doors to hundreds of people waiting for glasses. Because eye care is so expensive, most Jamaicans cannot afford glasses. This mission affords an immediate answer to prayer for most people who attend the Clinic. Since 2009, approximately 36,000 pair of glasses have been distributed through this Clinic.

Our vision for the future includes a stable continuation of the current Clinic, as well as starting up more Vision Clinics around the world, if the Lord wills it.   Each Clinic in Jamaica costs approximately $10,000.  We’re always looking for people who are interested in starting up another Vision Clinic through OC Ministries, MN Conference.  So many people are desperate for eyeglasses, and this mission supplies their need.  Every year, we pray for the funding necessary, and as we prepare for the next Clinic in February, 2020, we are on our knees again!   


"Thank you Lord! It's like walkin' in heaven... it's like walkin' in heaven!"

One elderly man, who had never owned a pair of glasses, came to the Clinic – led in on his daughter’s arm.  After his eyes were tested, a pair of prescription glasses was found in our inventory.  As I fitted them on him, his face was transformed with pure joy – and a resounding “THANK YOU, LORD!" was heard throughout the fellowship hall. He stood up, requiring no help from his daughter. He looked around, and simply couldn’t believe the difference in his vision.  For the first time in years, he could see clearly – newsprint, leaves on the trees outside, and his daughter’s beautiful face. As tears of joy slid down his face, he took my hand and said, “It’s like walkin’ in heaven…it’s like walkin’ in heaven!” 

What You Can Do To Help

For more stories like this to take place in more places around the world, we ask for your prayers. With glasses, kids can stay in school, adults can keep their jobs, and the elderly can remain self-sufficient. Pray for us, and if you feel led to help financially, any donation will be very appreciated. These glasses symbolize dreams, hopes and answered prayers. These eyeglasses are immediate help for the helpless.  $3 will buy one pair of prescription glasses – and each donation is a blessing.

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