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Community-led 40-acre Farm is Yeilding Crops for Families in Need in Baiwalla, Sierra Leone

Baiwalla Project Updates

The community-led farm in Baiwalla, Sierra Leone is doing well and yielding many types of vegetables which have been given to needy families in the surrounding area this summer.

Parents of school children, including 15 Muslim women, donated countless hours of labor planting, cultivating, and harvesting the crops. A shed has been built to store them in. Paul Webster continues to be a consultant.

Several United Methodist churches and individuals in Minnesota have contributed to the continued start-up costs, including for hiring a Farm Manager/Agriculture Teacher, and a Security Person.

Vegetables and other crops grown this fall will help feed the students at the Baiwalla School.

Reverend Judith approached the Sierra Leonian Agricultural Ministry and received several bags of seed corn to plant, along with a promise of someone to visit the farm in the future.

A store is being constructed and staffed which will serve the community by selling a variety of goods. After expenses are paid, profits will go to help support the Rick Ormsby School. Clark Porter is their business coach.

Judith Banya is in the process of hiring a new principal and teachers for the Ormsby School.

The Ormsby School has received approval as a “Government Sponsored School,” which means it can receive support for operating costs. So far, $560 has been given and

Rick Ormsby continues to raise funds for Judith’s support.

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